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De Vulpe et Uva (Phaedrus)

The Fox and the Grapes De Vulpe et Uva
C. Smart Phaedrus
English Latin

An hungry Fox with fierce attack
Sprang on a Vine, but tumbled back,
Nor could attain the point in view,
So near the sky the bunches grew.
As he went off, "They're scurvy stuff,"
Says he, "and not half ripe enough--
And I 've more rev'rence for my tripes
Than to torment them with the gripes."
For those this tale is very pat
Who lessen what they can't come at.

Famé coacta vulpis alta in vinea
Uvam appetebat, summis saliens viribus.
Quam tangere ut non potuit, diseedens ait :
Nondum matura est, nolo acerbam sumere.
Qur, facere quae non possunt, verbis elevant,
Adscribere hoc debebunt exemplum sibi.

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