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Ananse eni Akekrehemaa

The Spider and the Turtle Era aranha e era tartauga
unknown author Aitor Fuentes Parés
English Occitan
One day Anansi the spider picked some very fat and tasty vegetables from his garden. He baked them with much care and they came out smelling delicious. He could not wait to sit down and eat them. Un dia, era aranha Anansi coelhec quauques verdures fòrça grosses e sabroses deth sòn jardin. Les codec damb plan de suènh e hègen plan bona flaira. No podie demorar entà sèir e minjar.
Just then there was a knock at his door. It was Turtle, who had been traveling all day and was very tired and hungry. Just en aqueth moment quauquarrés truquèc ena pòrta. Ère era Tortuga, qu'auie viatjat tot eth dia e ère plan cansada e auie fòrça hame.
"Hello, Anansi," said Turtle. "I have been walking for so long, and I smelt the most delicious vegetables I have ever smelt. Would you be so kind as to share your meal with me?" "Òla, Anansi," diguec era Tortuga. "È caminat pendent tant de temps, e è sentut era flaira des verdures mès delicioses qu’aja aulorat jamès. Series tan amabla de partir eth tòn minjar damb jo"?
Anansi could not refuse, for it was the custom in his country to share your meal with visitors at mealtime. But he was not very happy, for Anansi was a little too greedy and wanted the delicious vegetables all to himself. So Anansi thought for a while and came up with a scheme. Anansi non se i podie negar, perque en sòn país ère costum partir eth minjar damb es visitaires. Totun, non ère plan contenta, perque Anansi ère un shinhau cobdiciosa e volie totes es verdures delicioses entà era soleta. Atau donques, Anansi se metec a pensar e se li acudic un plan.
"Please do come in, Turtle. I would be honored to have you as my guest this evening. Sit down, grab a chair and help yourself. " "Se vos platz, entre, Tortuga. Serie un aunor auer-te coma convidat aguesta net. Sete aciu qu’ as ua cagira, e servís-te. "
Turtle came inside and sat down, but just as he reached for a vegetable, Anansi yelled, "Turtle, don't you know better than to come to the table with dirty hands?" Era Tortuga entrèc e seiguec, mès quan ère a punt de provar era verdura, Anansi cridèc: "Tortuga, non sabes que non se pòt sèir ena taula damb es mans lordes?"
Turtle looked down at his hands and saw that they were filthy. He had been crawling all day and had not had a chance to clean up. Turtle got up and went to the river to clean his feet. He walked, slowly like all turtles, all the way back up to the house, and when he returned, Anansi had already begun to eat. Era Tortuga se guardèc es mans e vedèc que les auie plan lordes. Auie caminat tot eth dia e non auie agut era oportunitat de lauar-se es mans. Alavetz era Tortuga se lheuèc e anèc entà eth arriu a lauar-se-les. Hec eth camin entà era casa pòga poc, coma totes es tartaugues, e quan tornèc Anansi ja auie començat a minjar.
"I didn't want these tasty vegetables to get cold, so I had to begin," said Anansi. "But please do join me now, Turtle. " "Non volie qu'era verdura se heiredés tanlèu qu'è començat", didec Anansi. "Mès, se vos platz, sète Tortuga".
Turtle sat down again and reached for a vegetable, but again Anansi yelled at him. Era Tortuga se setièc de nau e se servic era verdura, mès de nau Anansi li didec:
"Turtle, did you not hear me before? It is not polite to come to the table with dirty hands!" "Tortuga, non m'as escotat? Non ei de bona educacion sèir ena taula damb es mans lordes!”
He looked down and saw that his clean hands had turned dirty once more, since he had to crawl on them to get back to the house. So he walked down to the river once more to wash himself. And when he returned this time, he was careful to walk on the grass so his hands would stay clean. But by the time he sat down at the table, Anansi had finished up the tasty vegetables and not a single bit was left. Guardèc entà a baish e vedèc qu'es sues mans tornauen a èster lordes, ja que les auie de bessonh entà tornar ta casa. Tanlèu que caminèc entà er arriu un còp mès. E, aguest còp, quan tornèc auec era precaucion de caminar sus era èrba entà non enlordir-se es mans. Mès quan arribèc ara taula, Anansi ja s'auie acabat era verdura tan bona e non ne demoraue bric.
Turtle looked at Anansi for a moment and then said, "Thank you for sharing your meal with me. If you ever find yourself near my house, please let me return the favour. "And then he slowly walked out the door and continued his way. Era Tortuga se demorèc en tot guardar Anansi e dempús didec: "Gràcies per partir eth tòn minjar damb jo. Se bèth còp vies apròp de casa mia, se vos platz, permitisme tornar-te eth favor". Dempús caminèc lentament entà dehòra e seguic eth sòn camin.
The days went by and Anansi thought more and more of that meal that Turtle had offered. He got more and more interested in a free dinner and finally could not stand it anymore. He set off one day to find Turtle's house. Passèren es dies e Anansi pensèc mès e mès en minjar qu'era Tortuga li auie aufrit. Eth sòn interès per sopar gratis no arturaue de créisher e, fin finau, no ac podèc suportar mès. Se metèc en marcha entà anar ta casa dera Tortuga.
He found Turtle sunning himself on a riverbank just around dinnertime. Quan i arribèc, just ara ora deth sopar, era Tortuga prenie eth solei ath costat d'un arriu.
Turtle looked up and said, "Hello, Anansi, have you come to share an evening meal with me?" Era Tortuga lheuèc es uelhs, lo vedèc, e didec: "Òla, Anansi, as vengut a partir un sopar damb jo?"
"Oh yes, yes!" said Anansi, who was growing hungrier and hungrier by the minute. Turtle went underwater to his house to set the dinner table for dinner. Soon he came back to the bank and said, "Your place is waiting and the food is ready. Please join me, Anansi. " "Oh, òc, e tant!" didec Anansi, qu'auie fòrça e fòrça hame. Era Tortuga se capbusèc dejós dera aigua entà anar a casa sua e arturèc era taula per sopar. De seguida tornèc a gésser ara superfície e li didec: "Era taula ja ei arturada e eth minjar ei en punt. Se vos platz, seguís-me, Anansi".
And then he dived underwater and began to slowly eat his meal. E alavetz se submergic dejós dera aigua e comencèc a minjar lentament.
Anansi jumped into the water, but could not get down to the bottom of the river. He tried to swim down, but he was so light that he kept popping back up to the surface. Anansi se lancèc ara aigua, mès no podec arribar enquiath hons der arriu. Sagèc de nadar cap ath hons, mès ère tan leugèra qu'eth sòn còs pujaue de nau ena superfície.
He tried diving, and he tried a backcrawl. He tried a running jump, but nothing would help him get down to the river bottom. Sagèc de bussejar e de nadar d'esquia. Dempús, sautèc damb totes es sues fòrces, mès no i auie manèra d'arribar enquiath hons der arriu.
In the meantime, Turtle was slowly eating his meal. Mentretant, era Tortuga minjaue pòga poc.
Anansi was not about to give up a free meal, and went to the riverside wondering what he would do. Finally he had an idea. He started grabbing stones and rocks and stuffed them into his jacket pockets. Anansi no ère dispausada a renonciar a minjar gratis, e se metèc a pensar a veir com s'ac podie hèr. Fin finau, auec ua idèa. Comencèc a préner pèires e ròques, e se les hiquèc enes pòches dera giqueta.
Now when he jumped into the water he sank right down to the bottom and was able to take his place at the table. D'aguesta manèra, quan se hiquèc ena aigua s'enfonsèc enquiath hons e podec sèir en taula.
The table was a beautiful banquet full of delicious foods. Anansi could hardly believe how many tasty food was before him and could not wait to start. Era taula ère plia de minjar boníssim. Anansi non se podie creir era quantitat de minjar qu'auie deuant e no podie demorar per començar.
But just as he reached for the first morsel, Turtle stopped eating and said: "In my country, we do not wear our jackets to the table. " Mès tanlèu hec eth prumèr mos, era Tortuga deishèc de minjar e didec: "En mèn país non portam giqueta ena taula. "
Anansi noticed that Turtle had removed his own jacket before sitting down. Anansi started to remove his jacket, and as soon as it was off of his shoulders, he went straight back up to the surface. He stuck his head down into the water and saw Turtle, down there, slowly enjoying that wonderful banquet. Anansi vedec qu'era Tortuga s'auie trèt era giqueta abantes de sèir. Anansi se comencèc a trèir era giqueta, e tan lèu com se la treiguec des espatles, gessec tirat cap ara superfície. Metec eth cap laguens dera aigua e vedec com era Tortuga, aquiu baish, gaudie lentament d'aquera taulejada meravelhosa.

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