Aarne-Thompson-Uther (ATU) - Types of Folktales

Folk Tale Group

ATU > 1000-1199: TALES OF THE STUPID OGRE (GIANT, DEVIL) > 1060-1114: Contest between Man and Ogre

1060. Squeezing Water from a Stone
1061. Biting the Stone
1062. A Contest in Throwing Stones
1063. Throwing contest with the golden club
1064. Making Fire by Stamping on Ground
1066. The Hanging Game
1070. Wrestling Contest: Looks Where to Throw him
1071. Wrestling Contest (with Old Grandfather)
1072. Race with Little Son
1073. Climbing Contest
1082. Carrying the Horse
1083. Duel with Long Poles or Cudgels
1084. Contest in shrieking or whistling
1085. Pushing a hole into a tree
1086. Jumping into the Ground
1087. Rowing contest
1088. Eating contest
1090. Mowing Contest
1091. Who Can Bring an Unheard-of Riding-Horse
1093. Contest in words
1095. Contest in Scratching Each Other with the Nails
1096. The tailor and the ogre in a sewing contest
1097. The Ice Mill