Aarne-Thompson-Uther (ATU) - Types of Folktales

Folk Tale Group

ATU > 1200-1999: ANECDOTES AND JOKES > 1875-1999: Tall Tales

1875. The Boy on the Wolf's Tail
1876. The Geese on the Line
1882. The Man who Fell out of a Balloon
1886. Man Drinks from own Skull
1890. The lucky shot
1891. The Great Rabbit-Catch
1892. The Trained Horse Rolls in the Field
1894. The man shoots a ramrod full of ducks
1895. A man wading in water catching many fish in his boots
1896. Hunting the wolves with rod and line
1911. Cart as Legs
1913. The Side-hill Beast
1916. The Breathing Tree
1917. The Stretching and Shrinking Harness
1920. Contest in lying
1925. Wishing contests
1927. The Cold May Night
1931. The woman who asked for news from home
1935. Topsy-Turvy Land
1940. The Extraordinary Names
1948. Too much talk
1950. The three lazy ones
1951. Is Wood Split?
1961. The big wedding
1965. Lying tales