Multilingual Folk Tale Database

Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

2000-2100: Cumulative Tales

2000-2100 Cumulative Tales
2000-2020 Chains Based on Numbers, Objects, Animals, or Names
2009Origin of Chess
2010Ehod mi yodea (One, who knows?)
2012The Forgetful Man Counts the Days of the Week
2014Chains Involving Contradictions of Extremes
2015The goat that would not go home
2017The Crow on the Tarred Bridge
2019Fair Katrinelje and Pif-Paf-Poltrie
2021-2024 Chains Involving Death
2021The cock and the hen
2022An Animal Mourns the Death of a Spouse
2023Little Ant Finds a Penny, Buys New Clothes with it, and Sits in her Doorway
2025-2028 Chains Involving Eating
2025The Fleeing Pancake
2027The fat cat
2028The Troll (Wolf) who was Cut Open
2029-2075 Chains Involving Other Events
2030The Old Woman and Her Pig
2031Stronger and Strongest
2032The Cock and the Mouse and The Sexton's Nose
2033The Sky Is Falling
2034The Mouse Regains its Tail
2035This Is the House That Jack Built
2036Drop of Honey Causes Chain of Accidents
2037"I Killed my Grandmother because she Refused to Cook a Hare."
2038Cumulative Pursuit
2039The Horseshoe Nail
2040The Climax of Horrors
2041The Bird Indifferent to Pain
2043What Have You Got There?
2044Pulling up the turnip
2075Tales in which animals talk

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