Aarne-Thompson-Uther (ATU) - Types of Folktales

Folk Tale Group

ATU > 1-299: ANIMAL TALES > 220-299: Other Animals and Objects

220. The Council of Birds
221. The Election of Bird-King
222. The Willow-Wren and the Bear
223. The Bird and the Jackal
224. Wedding of the Turkey and the Peacock
225. The Tortoise That Wanted to Fly
226. The Goose Teaches the Fox to Swim
227. The geese's eternal prayer
228. The Titmouse Tries to be as Big as a Bear
229. The Hawk Frightened at the Snipe's Bill
230. The Rearing of the Large-headed and Large-eyed Bird
231. The Heron (Crane) Transports the Fish
232. The Heathcock and the Birds of Passage
234. The Nightingale and the Blindworm
235. The Jay Borrows the Cuckoo's Skin
236. Imitating bird sounds,
237. The Parrot That Talked Too Much
238. The Keen Sight of the Dove and the Keen Hearing of the Frog
239. The Crow Helps the Deer Escape from the Snare
241. The Officious Bird and the Monkey
242. The Frog Enticed out of his Hole
243. The Parrot Pretends to be God
244. Peacock Plumes
245. Tame Bird and Wild Bird
246. The Hunter Bends the Bow
247. Every Mother Thinks Her Child Is the Most Beautiful
248. The Dog and the Sparrow
250. Swimming Match of the Fish
252. The Pike and the Snake Race to Land
253. The Fish in the Net
275. The Race of the Fox and the Crayfish
278. Rat and Frog Tie Paws Together
280. The Ant Carries a Load as Large as Himself
283. Spider Invites Fly to Rest on her Curtain
285. The child and the snake
289. Bat, Diver, and Thornbush Shipwrecked
291. Deceptive Tug-of-war
292. Ass Tries to Get a Cricket's Voice
293. Debate of the Belly and the Members
294. The Months and the Seasons
295. The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean
298. Wind and sun