Aarne-Thompson-Uther (ATU) - Types of Folktales

Folk Tale Group

ATU > 850-999: REALISTIC TALES > 880-899: Proofs of FidelitY and Innocence

880. The Man Boasts of his Wife
881. Oft-proved Fidility
882. The wager on the wife's chastity
884. The forgotten fiancée
885. The Poor Boy Betrothed to the Maiden
887. Griselda
888. The Faithful Wife
889. The Faithful Servant
890. The Pound of Flesh
891. The Man Who Deserts his Wife and Sets Her the Task of Bearing Him a Child
892. The children of the king
893. The Unreliable Friends. (The HalfFriend).
896. The Lecherous Holy Man and the Maiden in a Box
898. The Daughter of the Sun
899. Alcestis