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Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

1681: Foolish man builds aircastles

      1675-1724 The Stupid Man

            1525-1724 Stories about a Man

                  1200-1999 ANECDOTES AND JOKES

Foolishly kills his horse, throws his axe into the lake to kill a duck. Undresses to recover axe. Clothes stolen. Goes into barrel of tar to hide. In tar and feathers. [J2661.4]. Cf. Types 1383, 1690*.


- J2661.4:


1681A: Fool Prepares for the Wedding (Funeral)

On the way back from city he gives the meat to dogs, puts the pots on the stumps so that they will not freeze, spreads butter on the road so that it will be easier for the horses, puts salt in the river so that the horse will drink better, etc.…

1681B: Fool as Custodian for Home and Animals

Bathes grandmother in boiling water; kills baby, etc. (Same as Types 1012, 1013 but with stupid boy instead of rascal.)


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