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330: The Smith Outwits the Devil

      300-399 Supernatural Adversaries

            300-749 TALES OF MAGIC

I. Contract with Devil. A smith has made a contract with the devil so that in return for becoming a master-smith he is to belong to the devil after a certain time. II. Receipt of Magic Object. (a) The Lord (St. Peter) visits the smith and teaches…


330A: The Smith and the Devil

The Savior and Peter; the three wishes; cf. Type 750. Sticking to the bench, to the apple tree, etc. The smith is admitted neither into heaven nor hell. See analysis: I; II a, b, c, d; III a; IV a, b.

330B: The Devil in the Knapsack

The smith hammers on the knapsack. The devil flees to an island, whither his adversary comes, or the latter is admitted into neither heaven nor hell. See analysis: II (a), (b), e; III a; IV a, b, (c).

330C: The winning cards

Grant of magic pack of cards. Devil defeated and heaven entered with these. See analysis: II b, f; IV d, e.

330D: Bonhomme Misère

Magic pear tree on which Death is caught. Misère must remain on earth. See analysis: II a, b, c; III a; IV a, b, f. Cf. Type 1186*.


330 Asbjørnsen & Moe / George Dasent 1859 Norway English The Master-Smith

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