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Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

425: The Search for the Lost Husband

      425-449 Husband

            400-459 Supernatural or Enchanted Wife (Husband) or Other Relative

                  300-749 TALES OF MAGIC

Cf. also Types 430, 432, and 441. I. The Monster as Husband. (a) A monster is born because of a hasty wish of the parents. (b) He is a man at night. (c) A girl promises herself as bride to the monster, (c1) to recover stolen clothes or jewels, (c2)…


425A: Search for the Lost Husband

The maiden on quest for her vanished bridegroom. Various introductions: Present from journey, father promises daughter or daughter promises self. Jephthah's vow. Attempt to evade promise. Sometimes: louse fattened (Cf. Type 621). Sometimes the…

425B: The Disenchanted Husband: the Witch's Tasks

Present from journey or other promise to supernatural husband, marriage. Tabu broken. Search for vanished husband leads to house of witch who has enchanted him. Heroine as servant, given difficult or impossible tasks. Sometimes visits to second witch…

425C: Beauty and the Beast

Father stays overnight in mysterious palace and takes a rose. Must promise daughter to animal (or she goes voluntarily). Tabu: overstaying at home. She finds the husband almost dead. Disenchants him by embrace. (No search, no tasks.) Analysis I b, c,…

425D: Vanished Husband Learned of by Keeping Inn

I. Introductions: (a) A prince learns from an old woman's malediction about his birth and his future [M301.2.1, S375]. He masks as stable boy at the palace [K1816.0.3]. He and the princess elope [T91.6.4]. A bird steals a jewel and he pursues,…

425E: Enchanted Husband Sings Lullaby

Enchanted husband (not animal) found in underground palace. Tabu: looking, keyhole or padlock on body which discloses strange objects. She cries out and awakens the husband. Search following ball of yarn [H1226.4]. She gives birth to child in a…

425G: Recognition When Heroine Tells Her Story

425H: Short form of the tale

Girl promised to animal: Jepththah's vow [S241]. Gift from the journey or king lost in forest. Girl rides away on animal's tail.

425J: Service in Hell to Release Enchanted Husband

Looking tabu. Various tests in hell.

425K: Search in Men's Clothing

Gift from the journey. Snake husband. At separation she is given magic hairs and a ring or jewel as life index. She wanders disguised as a man. Tested as to whether she is man or woman [H1578.1]. Attempted seduction by queen. Husband arrives at…

425L: The Padlock on the Enchanted Husband

Looking tabu. Padlock or keyhole in husband's body with extraordinary things within. Wife cries out and wakes him. At separation wife is pregnant. Spell broken at birth of child. Cf. 425E.

425M: Bathing Girl's Carments Kept

425N: The Bird Husband

Tabus: skin burning, looking, gossiping. Heroine in service at palace given difficult tasks (cf. Type 425B). Would-be seducers enchanted (cf. Type 313).


425 Giambattista Basile 1634 Italy Neapolitan Catenaccio
425 Giambattista Basile ???? Italy English Pintosmalto
425 Giambattista Basile ???? Italy English The Golden Root
425A Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm / Margaret Hunt 1884 Germany English The iron stove
425 Asbjørnsen & Moe / George Dasent 1859 Norway English East o' the Sun and West o' the Moon
425D Giuseppe Pitrè 1870 Italy Sicilian Mandruni e Mandruna
425 Giuseppe Pitrè 1870 Italy Sicilian Lu Re d'Anìmmulu
425,884 Giuseppe Pitrè 1870 Italy Sicilian Rusina 'Mperatrici
425 Giuseppe Pitrè 1870 Italy Sicilian Lu surciteddu cu la cuda fitusa
425 Giuseppe Pitrè 1870 Italy Sicilian Lu 'Mperaturi Scursuni
425C Consiglieri Pedroso / Henrietta Monteiro 1882 Portugal English The Maiden and the Beast
425D,433B Adolfo Coelho 1879 Portugal Portuguese O Príncipe Sapo
425C Adolfo Coelho 1879 Portugal Portuguese Bela-Menina
425 Paul Sébillot 1883 France French Les petites Coudées

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