External Examples

The MFTD started out in 2014 as an attempt to collect popular stories from less described languages and cultures. This ambitious objective has never been fully accomplised, even though we strive to collect more languages in other languages. The MFTD is practice is largely used as an online source for the ATU classification by academics and enthousiasts alike, with easy access to examples of the various story types. However, even though the MFTD contains almost 10.000 stories, it does not have examples for even half of the story types, and attempting to remedy this, during the relaunch in 2021 it was decided to also include a list of reference to stories in other online folk tale collections, with the collaboration of the authors of those collections. On this page you find a description of the external resources that were included. 

We invite any authors of online collections of folk tales with an ATU classification that would be willing to share their titles with the MFTD to contact us to make sure we can better serve the community to have access to access to as many types of folk tales as possible. Of course, we are also more than happy to include additional stories directly in our database, or to invite people to help to classify the many unclassified stories that are already in the MFTD. All stories in the MFTD are stored in the TEI file format.

Nederlandse VolksverhalenBank

URL http://www.verhalenbank.nl/
Type of project Academic
Host Institute Meertens Institute

The Dutch Folktale Bank is a large collection of folk tales from the Netherlands, lead by the Meertens Institute.  The site provide rich metadata about all the tales, and various ways to access their stories.

Internet Archive

URL https://libraryguides.missouri.edu/c.php?g=1083510
Type of project Public
Host Institute University of Missouri Libraries

The Internet Archive contains a lot of freely accessible works containing folk tales. Michael Muchow of the University of Missouri Libraries archived a large number of links to folktales and classified them by ATU type. All titles in this collection are links to the specific pages in the book reader of the Internet Archive.

Corpus de Literatura Oral

URL https://corpusdeliteraturaoral.ujaen.es/
Type of project Academic
Host Institute Universidad de Jaen

The CLO is a project to collect orally transmitted culture in the Spanish language, which includes not only folk tales, but also for instance songs and interviews. The links incorporated in the MFTD are those stories that have been classificied with an ATU class.