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Author: Phaedrus - 41 AD

Translated into English
  by C. Smart - 1887

Source: The Fables of Phaedrus

Original title (Latin):
Ouis, Canis et Lupus

Country of origin: Italy


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Esopet (Middle Dutch) - viewaligned

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The Sheep, the Dog, and the Wolf

Phaedrus / C. Smart

Liars are liable to rue
The mischief they 're so prone to do.
The Sheep a Dog unjustly dunn'd
One loaf directly to refund,
Which he the Dog to the said Sheep
Had given in confidence to keep.
The Wolf was summoned, and he swore
It was not one, but ten or more.
The Sheep was therefore cast at law
To pay for things she never saw.
But, lo! ere many days ensued,
Dead in a ditch the Wolf she view'd:
"This, this," she cried, "is Heaven's decree
Of justice on a wretch like thee."