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Author: Phaedrus - 41 AD

Translated into English
  by Thomas James

Original title (Latin):
Ranae Metuentes Proelia Taurorum

Country of origin: Italy


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The Frogs and the Fighting Bulls

Phaedrus / Thomas James

A FROG, sitting at the edge of a swamp, was watching a battle between two Bulls in an adjoining field. "Alas! what deadly danger threatens us," he said. Another Frog, overhearing him, asked what he meant, when the Bulls were merely fighting to decide which should lead the herd, and the cattle passed their lives quite apart from the home of the Frogs. "It is true," rejoined the first Frog, "that they are a different race and live apart from us. But whichever Bull is beaten and driven from his leadership in the woods will come to find some secret hiding place; and I fear that many of us will be trampled to pieces under his hard hoofs. That is why I say that their battle means death and destruction to us."
When the mighty quarrel, the humble pay the cost.