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Author: Ivan Krylov - 1823

Translated into English

Original title (Russian):
Свинья под дубом

Country of origin: Russia


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A Hog under an Oak

Ivan Krylov

A Hog under a mighty Oak
Had glutted tons of tasty acorns, then, supine,
Napped in its shade; but when awoke,
He, with persistence and the snoot of real swine,
The giant's roots began to undermine.

"The tree is hurt when they're exposed,"
A Raven on a branch arose.
"It may dry up and perish - don't you care?"
"Not in the least!" The Hog raised up its head.
"Why would the prospect make me scared?
The tree is useless; be it dead
Two hundred fifty years, I won't regret a second.
Nutritious acorns - only that's what's reckoned!" -

"Ungrateful pig!" The tree exclaimed with scorn.
"Had you been fit to turn your mug around
You'd have a chance to figure out
Where your beloved fruit is born."