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Author: unknown author

Translated into English

Original title (Tamahaq):
Tamfoust n Aouakkas d Ahar’de tazourit d abeggi

Country of origin: Algeria


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The Lion, the Panther, the Tazourit, and the Jackal

A lion, a panther, a tazourit, and aa jackal were friends. One day when they were hunting together, they found an ewe, which they killed. The lion took the floor and asked: "Which one among us has to share out this meat?" It was suggested that it should be the job of the jackal, the smallest one among them.

So the jackal did as suggested, cut up the meat into four parts, and said: "All of you, come and get your part."

The lion came and said to the jackal: "Which one is my share among these?" To which the jackal answered: "They are all the same; take the one you like."

"Jackal, you don't know how to share." Then he hit the jackal, killing him.

With the jackal dead, they wondered who would do the sharing of the meat. The tazourit told them that she would do it. She mixed up the ewe's meat with that of the jackal and divided the whole into six shares.

Seeing this, the lion asked: "There's three of us; why six parts?"

The tazourit answered: "The first part belongs to the lion, the second is for you as our boss, and the third is for red-eyes."

"Who taught you this way of sharing?" asked the lion.

"The blow with which you killed the jackal," said the tazourit.