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Country of origin: Iran


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The Linguist and the Dervish

One dark night, a dervish walking along the road heard a cry for help coming from the bottom of an abandoned dry well.

«Hey, what's up?» shouted the dervish looking into the well.

«You see, I am a linguist», answered a voice. «On finding no road in darkness, I got into this pit and now I cannot get out.»

«Steady, friend, let me come by a ladder and a rope», responded the dervish.

«Just a minute», cried the linguist, «you speak like an illiterate man, furthermore, your pronunciation leaves much to be desired.»

«Well, if words are more important for you than their meaning, you had better stay there where you are now, until I learn how to speak correctly", replied the dervish and continued his way.