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Author: Edwin W. Smith - 1920

Translated into English
  by Edwin W. Smith - 1920

Original title (Ila):
Sulwe mbwakatizha Muzovu

Country of origin: Zambia


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How Hare Scared Elephant

Edwin W. Smith

Hare once said to Elephant : " Let us play hide-and-seek and
we will see who is the more cunning at the game." Elephant replied :
" I have more cunning than you in hiding ; a little thing like you
cannot be more cunning than I." So they went off. When they
arrived at the place. Hare said to Elephant : " You be the first to
hide." Elephant went off, and coming to a bush he hid ; at least
he thought he hid, really he was lying in the open. He called out :
" I am hidden." Hare on his arrival at once found him. Then
Hare on his part said : " Stay here, while I hide." He lay down
at the bush, turned on his back and protruded his eyes ; then he
called Elephant : " Come and find me." Elephant came, and
hunted about. Said he : " Wherever can you be ? " Then, looking
down, he saw the protruded eyes, and was amazed. " The earth
horrifies me," he said, " it grows eyes." Then he called his friends,
saying : " Come and see here, the earth grows eyes." They came
and Hare arose and said to Elephant : " You are a fool. I have
more cunning than you. I am the great one." Elephant was
simply crestfallen.