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Author: Asbjørnsen & Moe - 1841

Translated into English
  by George Dasent - 1859

Original title (Norwegian):
Haren som hadde vært gift

Country of origin: Norway

Story type: An Animal Mourns the Death of a Spouse (ATU 2022)


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The Hare And The Heiress

Asbjørnsen & Moe / George Dasent

Once on a time there was a hare, who was frisking up and down under the greenwood tree.

'Oh! hurrah! hip, hip, hurrah!' he cried, and leapt and sprang, and all at once he threw a somersault, and stood upon his hind legs. Just then a fox came slouching by.

'Good-day, good-day,' said the hare; 'I'm so merry to-day, for you must know I was married this morning.'

'Lucky fellow you,' said the fox.

'Ah, no! not so lucky after all,' said the hare, 'for she was very heavy handed, and it was an old witch I got to wife.

'Then you were an unlucky fellow,' said the fox.

'Oh, not so unlucky either,' said the hare, 'for she was an heiress. She had a cottage of her own.'

'Then you were lucky after all,' said the fox.

'No, no! not so lucky either,' said the hare, 'for the cottage caught fire and was burnt, and all we had with it.'

'That I call downright unlucky,' said the fox.

'Oh, no; not so very unlucky after all,' said the hare, 'for my witch of a wife was burnt along with her cottage.'