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Author: Phaedrus - 41 AD

Translated into English
  by C. Smart - 1887

Source: The Fables of Phaedrus

Translated from (Latin):
Canis per fluvium carnem ferens

Country of origin: Italy

Story type: Dog Drops his Meat for the Reflection (ATU 34A)

Based on The Dog and his Reflection (Aesop)


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The Dog in the River

Phaedrus / C. Smart

The churl that wants another's fare
Deserves at least to lose his share.
As through the stream a Dog convey'd
A piece of meat, he spied his shade
In the clear mirror of the flood,
And thinking it was flesh and blood,
Snapp'd to deprive him of the treat:-
But mark the glutton's self-defeat,
Miss'd both another's and his own,
Both shade and substance, beef and bone.