Aarne-Thompson-Uther (ATU) - Types of Folktales

Folk Tale Group

ATU > 1-299: ANIMAL TALES > 100-149: Wild Animals and Domestic Animals

100. The Wolf as the Dog's Guest Sings
101. The old dog rescues the child
102. The Dog as Wolf's Shoemaker
103. War between Wild Animals and Domestic Animals
104. The Cowardly Duelers
105. The fox and the cat
106. The Animal's Conversation
107. Dog Leader Fears Defeat Because his Forces are of Different Breeds.
110. Belling the Cat
111. The Cat and the Mouse Converse
112. Town Mouse and Country Mouse
113. Mice Choose Cat as King
114. Chanticleer Believes that his Crowing Makes the Sun Rise
115. The Hungry Fox Waits in Vain for the Horse's Lips (Scrotum) to Fall Off
116. The Bear on the Hay-Wagon
118. The Lion Frightened by the Horse
120. The First to See the Sunrise
121. Wolves Climb on Top of One Another to Tree
122. The Wolf Loses His Prey
123. The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids
124. The Three Little Pigs
125. The Wolf Flees from the Wolf-head
130. Outcast Animals Find a New Home
131. Tiger as False Friend to the Cow
132. Goat Admires his Horns in the Water
136. Wolf Surprises Pig in Apple Tree
137. The Filthy Hog and the Clean Fish