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122: The Wolf Loses His Prey

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The wolf loses his prey. Escape by false plea.


122A. The Wolf – Fox – Seeks Breakfast

The wolf (fox) seeks breakfast. He threatens to eat various animals (the hog, the sheep, the horse, etc.). At their request he waits till the passport has been examined, the children have been baptized, and the like. He loses his feast. Cf. Type 227.

122B. The Squirrel Persuades the Fox to Pray before Eating

The rat persuades the cat to wash her face before eating. He escapes.

122C. The Sheep Persuades the Wolf to Sing

The sheep persuades the wolf to sing. The dogs are thus summoned.

122D. Let Me Catch You Better Game

Captured animal pretends to help captor bring more desirable victim. Escapes.

122E. Eat me when I'm fatter

122F. Eat Me When I'm Fatter

Captured person (animal) persuades his captor to wait and fatten him before eating him.

122G. "Wash Me" ("Soak Me") before Eating

I. Trickster tells captor he must be washed before captor eats him. Escapes. II. Turtle tells jackal he must be soaked in water to soften his shell.

122H. "Wait Until I Get Dry"

Monkey pulled from mud by tiger asks to dry in sun before being eaten. Escapes.

122J. Ass begs Wolf to Pull Thorn out of Foot before Eating him

Ass begs wolf to pull thorn out of foot before eating him: kicks wolf in mouth.

122K. Wolf Acts as Judge before Eating the Rams


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Text titleATULanguageAuthorOriginPublication Date
De tre bukkene Bruse som skulle gå til seters og gjøre seg fete122ENorwegianAsbjørnsen & MoeNorway1841
Ἔριφος καὶ λύκος αὐλῶν122CAncient GreekΑἴσωποςGreece_

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