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1725-1849: Jokes about Clergymen and Religious Figures

1725-1849 Jokes about Clergymen and Religious Figures
1725-1774 The Clergyman is Tricked
1725The foolish parson in the trunk
1730The entrapped suitors
1731The Youth and the Pretty Shoes
1735'Who gives his own goods shall receive it back tenfold'
1736The stingy parson
1737Trading Places with the Trickster in a Sack
1738The Dream: All Parsons in Hell
1739The parson and the calf
1740Candles on the Crayfish
1741Trickster Wives and Maids
1745Three words at the grave
1750The Parson's Stupid Wife
1775-1799 Clergyman and Sexton
1775The hungry parson
1776The sexton falls into the brewing-vat
1781Sexton's Own Wife Brings her Offering
1786The Parson in the Church on the Ox
1790The Parson and Sexton Steal a Cow
1791The sexton carries the parson
1792The stingy parson and the slaughtered pig
1800-1849 Other Jokes about Religious Figures
1800Stealing Only a Small Amount
1804Imagined penance for imagined sin
1804The eel filled with sand
1805Confessions of a Pious Woman
1806Will Lunch with Christ
1807The Equivocal Confession
1810Jokes about catechism
1812Wager: to Dance with Nun
1820Bride and Groom at Wedding Ceremony
1824Parody sermon
1826The Parson has no Need to Preach
1827You shall see me a little while longer
1829Living Person Acts as Image of Saint
1830In trial sermon the parson promises the laymen the kind of weather they want
1831The Parson and Sexton at Mass
1832The sermon about the rich man
1832Boy answers the priest
1833Application of the sermon
1833Other anecdotes of sermons
1834The clergyman with the fine voice
1835Not to turn round
1837The Parson to Let a Dove Fly in the Church
1838The hog in church
1840At the blessing of the grave the parson's ox breaks loose
1841Grace before meat
1842The Testament of the Dog
1843Parson visits the dying
1844The Parson Visits the Sick
1845The student as healer

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