Aarne-Thompson-Uther (ATU) - Types of Folktales

Folk Tale Group


751. The Greedy Peasant Woman
753. Christ and the smith
755. Sin and grace
756. Forgiveness and Redemption
758. The various children of Eve
759. God's Justice Vindicated – The Angel and the Hermit
760. The Unquiet Grave
762. Woman with three hundred and sixty-five children
763. Treasure Finders Murder One Another
764. The Devil's Son as a Priest
766. The seven sleepers
767. Food for the Crucifix
768. St Christopher and the Christ child
769. A Child Returns from the Dead
770. The Nun Who Saw the World
774. Jests About Christ and Peter
777. The wandering Jew
778. To Sacrifice a Giant Candle
779. Divine rewards and punishments
780. The Singing Bone
782. Midas
785. Who Ate the Lamb's Heart ?
788. The Man Who Was Burned Up and Lived Again
791. The Saviour and Peter in night-lodgings
800. The Tailor in Heaven
801. Master Pfriem
802. The Peasant in Heaven
803. Solomon Binds the Devil in Chains in Hell
804. Peter's Mother Falls from Heaven
805. Joseph and Mary Threatens to Leave Heaven...
810. The devil loses a soul that was promised him
811. The man promised to the devil becomes a priest
812. The Mystery of the Devil
815. The Deceased Rich Man and the Devils in the Church
821. The Devil as Advocate
822. The lazy boy and the industrious girl
825. The Devil in Noah's Ark
826. Devil writes down names of men on hide in church
828. Men, Animals, and the Span of Life
830. Refusal to Ask God's Blessing
831. The Dishonest Priest
832. The Disappointed Fisher
836. Pride is Punished
837. How the Wicked Lord was Punished
838. The Bad Rearing
839. One Vice Carries Other With It
840. The Punishments of Men
841. One Beggar Trusts God, the Other the King
842. The Man Who Kicked Aside Riches
844. The Luck-bringing Shirt
845. The Old Man and Death
846. Devil Always Blamed