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774: Jests About Christ and Peter

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Peter made ridiculous.

See also: 785, 791


774A. Peter Wants to Create a Man

Puts head on backwards.

774B. Peter Cannot Sell His Ass

774C. The legend of the horseshoe

Peter unwilling to lean over to pick up a horseshoe, but later does so many times for dropped cherries.

774D. Peter Acts as God for a Day : Tires of Bargain

Tires of Bargain. A girl takes her goat to pasture and leaves him: »May God care for you!» Peter must run everywhere after the goat. [L423].

774E. Peter Gets Permission to Go to Grape-gathering

774F. Peter with the Fiddle

Peter is punished for going into an inn. Christ enchants him by putting a fiddle on his back. He is laughed at.

774G. Peter's Favorite Fruit

The Lord asks St. Peter what kind of fruit he likes best. Peter really likes grape and wine best but says he prefers figs. Hence figs bear twice a year.

774H. Christ Puts Knots in Wood

Peter, angry at carpenters wants Christ to have iron knots in wood. Christ does make hard knots but not iron. (Cf. A2755.4.) [A2738].

774J. Why Peter Became Bald

Did not divide cakes with Jesus.

774K. Peter Stung by Bees

Avenges himself on the whole hive. Christ shows the justice in this. [J225.0.2].

774M. Peter as Bad Messenger

To tell peasants to work from five to seven. Is drunk and says from seven to five.

774N. St Peter's Gluttony

Jesus keeps asking him questions so that he must continually spit out mouthfuls.

774P. St. Peter and the Nuts

Complains that large trees have small fruits. Permitted to change this. An immense nut falls on him.


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Text titleATULanguageAuthorOriginPublication Date
Gesù e San Pietro in Sicilia774ItalianItalo CalvinoItaly1956
Gesù e San Pietro in Friuli I.774ItalianItalo CalvinoItaly1956

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