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1685: The Foolish Bridegroom

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Dog »Parsley» in the soup [J2462.1]. Clearing out the room (throws out the stove) [J2465.5]. To »throw good eyes» at the bride (throws ox-eyes and sheep-eyes on the plate) [J2462.2]. Cf. Type 1006. She flees. The he-goat in the bride's place in…


1685A. The Stupid Son-in-Law

Cf. 1000-1000 A Ind (j), 1332, 1691. I. The »Night-Blind» Fool. (a) As night approaches, he grabs the tail of a bull so that it will lead him home. He is dragged through the mire and brambles. (b) He thinks a cat is eating from his plate and…

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Without Title 1685 Netherlands 1969 Nederlandse VolksverhalenBank
Without Title 1685 Netherlands 1892 Nederlandse VolksverhalenBank
Fan alles 1685 Netherlands 1977 Nederlandse VolksverhalenBank

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