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921: The king and the peasant's son

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The youth's clever answers to the king' questions (1 1/2 men and the horse's head, etc. [H561.4, H583]). Among the riddles are: (a1) What do you see? - 1 1/2 men and horse's head (himself, the legs of the king who is horseback in the door way, and…


921A. The four coins (Focus)

King: What do you do with the four coins you earn? Peasant: First I eat (feed self); second I put out at interest (give my children); third I pay debts (keep my parents); fourth I throw away (give to my wife).

921B. Best friend, worst enemy

Task: bringing best friend, worst enemy, best servant, greatest pleasure-giver. (Brings dog, wife, ass, little son re- spectively.)

921D. The fatal bed

A sailor says that all his ancestors have drowned. Citizen: »Aren't you afraid of drowning?» Sailor: »How did your ancestors die?» Citizen: »All of them in bed.» Sailor: »Aren't you afraid to go to bed?»

921E. Never heard before

Task: letting king hear something that neither he nor his subjects have ever heard. (Reads a letter from a foreign king demanding a loan.)

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