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Author: Ivan Krylov - 1806

Translated into English
  by Charles Coxwell - 1920

Original title (Russian):
Лебедь, щука и рак

Country of origin: Russia


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The Swan, The Pike and the Crayfish

Ivan Krylov / Charles Coxwell

When, among partners, concord there is not.
Successful issues scarce are got
And the result is loss, disaster and repining.

A crayfish, swan and pike combining.
Resolve to draw a cart and freight ;
In harness soon, their efforts ne'er abate.
However much they work, the load to stir refuses.
It seems to be perverse with selfwill vast endowed ;
The swan makes upward for a cloud.
The crayfish falls behind, the pike the river uses ;
To judge of each one's merit lies beyond my will ;
I know the cart remains there, still.