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480: The Kind and the Unkind Girls

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The real daughter and the stepdaughter by the spring, or the rolling cake. Cf. Types 403, 510A. I. Kind and Unkind Girls. (a) A real daughter and a stepdaughter or two sisters or (c) other girls, one kind and one unkind, go from home, the kind girl…


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Text titleATULanguageAuthorOriginPublication Date
Manndatteren og kjerringdatteren480NorwegianAsbjørnsen & MoeNorway1841
Frau Holle480GermanJacob & Wilhelm GrimmGermany1812
Die drei Männlein im Walde480GermanJacob & Wilhelm GrimmGermany1812
Der heilige Joseph im Walde480GermanJacob & Wilhelm GrimmGermany1812
La fiaba dei gatti480ItalianItalo CalvinoItaly1956
Баба-яга480RussianАлександр АфанасьевRussia1855
Баба-яга313H,510A,480RussianАлександр АфанасьевRussia1855
Li dui Soru480SicilianGiuseppe PitrèItaly1870
La Mammadràa480SicilianGiuseppe PitrèItaly1870
Gràttula-beddàttula510A,480SicilianGiuseppe PitrèItaly1870
La figghia di Biancuciuri480,403,450SicilianGiuseppe PitrèItaly1870
The Two Step-Sisters480EnglishGeorge DasentNorway1912
The Sparrow With the Slit Tongue480EnglishAndrew LangJapan1897
Mother Holle480EnglishAndrew LangGermany1890
The Enchanted Wreath480EnglishAndrew LangSweden1906
The Two Caskets480EnglishAndrew LangSweden1906
The Colony Of Cats480EnglishAndrew LangItaly1903
Maiden Bright-eye480EnglishAndrew LangDenmark1897
The Story Of King Frost480EnglishAndrew LangRussia1894
Les Fées480FrenchCharles PerraultFrance1697
La fillastra480CatalanFrancesc Maspons LabrósSpain1871
Le due cugine480ItalianItalo CalvinoItaly1956
The Tongue-Cut Sparrow480EnglishWilliam Elliot GriffisJapan1887
The Twelve Months480EnglishBožena NěmcováSlovakia1917
The Bear in the Forest Hut480EnglishA. J. GlińskiPoland1920
L'acqua nel cestello480ItalianItalo CalvinoItaly1956
Rattle-Rattle-Rattle and Chink-Chink-Chink480EnglishParker FillmoreCzech Republic & Slovakia1919
The Fate of an Envious Woman480EnglishDean S. Fansler_1921

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Vrouw Holle 480 Netherlands 1937 Nederlandse VolksverhalenBank
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Wal at the World's End 480 British Internet Archive
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