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403: The White and the Black Bride

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403B. The Black and the White Bride

Strawberries under the snow, etc. The real daughter bride of the king. A child born. The stepmother throws the child into the water, etc.

403C. The Witch Secretly Substitutes her own Daughter

The husband throws the witch's daughter under the bridge. From the girl's navel grows a reed in which the witch recognizes her own daughter.


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Text titleATULanguageAuthorOriginPublication Date
Buskebrura403NorwegianAsbjørnsen & MoeNorway1841
Die weisse und die schwarze Braut403GermanJacob & Wilhelm GrimmGermany1812
Il re dei pavoni403ItalianItalo CalvinoItaly1956
Belimele e Beisele403ItalianItalo CalvinoItaly1956
Купеческая дочь и служанка403RussianАлександр АфанасьевRussia1855
Omast tütrest ja võerast tütrest403BEstonianMatthias Johann EisenEstonia2002
Ciciruni403SicilianGiuseppe PitrèItaly1870
La figghia di Biancuciuri480,403,450SicilianGiuseppe PitrèItaly1870
The Witch In the Stone Boat403EnglishAndrew LangIceland1894
The Three Robes403EnglishAndrew LangIceland1903
Bushy Bride403EnglishAndrew LangNorway1890
The Three Dwarfs403EnglishAndrew LangGermany1890
The White Duck403EnglishAndrew LangRussia1894
Cele trei rodii aurite403RomanianPetre IspirescuRomania1882
La serpe Pippina403ItalianItalo CalvinoItaly1956
Le Doie Pizzelle403NeapolitanGiambattista BasileItaly1634
Lo Tre Fate403NeapolitanGiambattista BasileItaly1634

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Van de zeven aapjes 403 Netherlands 1892 Nederlandse VolksverhalenBank
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