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61: The Fox Persuades the Cock to Crow with Closed Eyes

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Captures him. Often followed by: the cock persuades the fox to ask a blessing before eating him.

See also: 6, 122


61A. Fox as Confessor

Fox persuades cock to come down from a tree ant confess sins to him. When cock comes down, fox seizes him. Cock begs to be released and tempts fox by saying that he will lead him to a feast of a rich bishop. Fox believes it, and the cock flies away and mocks him. Cf. Type 6.

61B. Cat, Cock, and Fox live together

When cat goes away into the forest, fox carries cock off. Cock screams for help; cat rescues him. By playing music cat lures young foxes from den and kills them.


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Text titleATULanguageAuthorOriginPublication Date
Hanen og reven61NorwegianAsbjørnsen & MoeNorway1841
Кот, петух и лиса61BRussianАлександр АфанасьевRussia1855
O Smolíčkovi61BCzechBožena NěmcováCzech Republic1845

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