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325: The Magician and his Apprentice,

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The father put to a test recognizes his son. The son as horse, ring, etc. rescues himself from the power of his master. I. Learning Magic. (a) A father gives his son to a magician to teach, (b) but must be able to recognize him in his animal form at…


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Text titleATULanguageAuthorOriginPublication Date
Bonde Værskjegg325NorwegianAsbjørnsen & MoeNorway_
Der Gaudieb und sein Meister325GermanJacob & Wilhelm GrimmGermany1812
Farmer Weatherbeard325EnglishAndrew LangNorway1890
Master and Pupil325EnglishAndrew LangDenmark1897
The Magic Book325EnglishAndrew LangDenmark1906
Ђаво и његов шегрт325SerbianВук Стефановић КараџићSerbia1853
La scuola della Salamanca325ItalianItalo CalvinoItaly1956

External Examples

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De tovenaar en zijn leerling 325 Netherlands 1970 Nederlandse VolksverhalenBank
Farmer Weathersky 325 Norse Internet Archive
Master and his Pupil 325* British Internet Archive
Master and Pupil 325 Greek Internet Archive
Pupil Who Excelled His Master 325 Israeli Internet Archive
School of Salamanca 325 Italian Internet Archive
The Maghrabi's Apprentice 325 Egyptian Internet Archive
The Master and his Pupil 325* English Internet Archive
The Thief and His Master 325 German Internet Archive
Two Witches 325 United States Internet Archive
Van een jongen die lezen en schrijven leerde 325 Netherlands 1896 Nederlandse VolksverhalenBank

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