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34: The Wolf Dives into the Water for Reflected Cheese

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The wolf and the fox think the reflection of the moon in the water is a cheese. The fox lowers the wold into the water, the wolf fall into the water and the cheese disappears.




34A. Dog Drops his Meat for the Reflection

Crossing the stream with the meat in his mouth he sees his reflection; thinking it another dog with meat he dives for it and loses his meat.

34B. The Wolf Drinks Water to Get Cheese

Fox puts stopper in him to keep water from escaping but takes it out when they come to a tavern.


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Text titleATULanguageAuthorOriginPublication Date
Ang Aso at ang Kanyang Anino34ATagalogR. M. CustodioPhilippines1996
Κύων κρέας φέρουσα34AAncient GreekΒαβρίαςGreece_
*Den hont ende den bene34AMiddle Dutch_Netherlands1300
Le Chien qui lâche sa proie pour l'ombre34AFrenchJean de La FontaineFrance1668
Canis per fluvium carnem ferens34ALatinPhaedrusItaly41

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