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510: Cinderella and Cap o' Rushes

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I. The Persecuted Heroine. (a) The heroine is abused by her stepmother and stepsisters and (a1) stays on the hearth or in the ashes and, (a2) is dressed in rough clothing - cap of rushes, wooden cloak, etc., (b) flees in disguise from her father who…


510A. Persecuted Heroine

The two stepsisters. The stepdaughter at the grave of her own mother, who helps her (milks the cow, shakes the apple-tree, helps the old man; cf. Type 480). Three fold visit to church (dance). Slipper test. See analysis: I a; II a, b; III a; IV a; V.

510B. Unnatural Love

Present of the father who wants to marry his own daughter. The maiden as servant of the prince, who throws various objects at her. The three-fold visit to the church and the forgotten shoe. Marriage. Cf. Type 451. See analysis: I b, III a; IV (a), b;…


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Text titleATULanguageAuthorOriginPublication Date
Kari Trestakk510ANorwegianAsbjørnsen & MoeNorway_
Aschenputtel510AGermanJacob & Wilhelm GrimmGermany1812
Allerleirauh510BGermanJacob & Wilhelm GrimmGermany1812
Die wahre Braut510GermanJacob & Wilhelm GrimmGermany1812
Prinzessin Mäusehaut510BGermanJacob & Wilhelm GrimmGermany1812
Чернушка510ARussianАлександр АфанасьевRussia1855
Баба-яга313H,510A,480RussianАлександр АфанасьевRussia1855
Золотой башмачок510ARussianАлександр АфанасьевRussia1855
A gata borralheira510APortugueseConsiglieri PedrosoPortugal_
La picuredda510SicilianGiuseppe PitrèItaly1870
Pilusedda510SicilianGiuseppe PitrèItaly1870
Gràttula-beddàttula510A,480SicilianGiuseppe PitrèItaly1870
Donkey Skin510BEnglishAndrew LangFrance1900
The Dirty Shepherdess510EnglishAndrew LangFrance1892
The Wonderful Birch510AEnglishAndrew LangRussia1890
Kari Woodengown510AEnglishAndrew LangNorway1890
The Bones Of Djulung510AEnglishAndrew LangIndonesia1910
The Green Knight510EnglishAndrew LangDenmark1907
The Bear510BEnglishAndrew Lang_1900
Finette Cendron327B,510AFrenchMadame d'AulnoyFrance_
Cendrillon ou La Petite Pantoufle de Verre510AFrenchCharles PerraultFrance1697
La ventafochs510ACatalanFrancesc Maspons LabrósSpain1871
O třech sestrách510ACzechBožena NěmcováCzech Republic1845
La Rosina nel forno510ItalianItalo CalvinoItaly1956
Maria and the Golden Slipper510AEnglishDean S. FanslerPhilippines1921
Пепељуга510ASerbianВук Стефановић КараџићSerbia1853
Зла маћеха510ASerbianВук Стефановић КараџићSerbia1853
Maria di Legno510ItalianItalo CalvinoItaly1956
Peau d'Âne510BFrenchCharles PerraultFrance1886
O princezně se zlatou hvězdou na čele510BCzechBožena NěmcováCzech Republic1845
La gatta cennerentola510ANeapolitanGiambattista BasileItaly1634
L'Orza510BNeapolitanGiambattista BasileItaly1634

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Vuilpoesje 510B Netherlands 1970 Nederlandse VolksverhalenBank
Vuilvelleken 510A Netherlands 1889 Nederlandse VolksverhalenBank
Wooden Maria 510B Italian Internet Archive

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