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76: The Wolf and the Crane

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The crane pulls a bone from the wolf's windpipe. When he asks for payment the wolf says, "That you were allowed to take your beak from my throat is payment enough."


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Text titleATULanguageAuthorOriginPublication Date
Fisi na Korongo76SwahiliB.S. Mang'andaKenya1996
Волк и журавль76RussianИван КрыловRussia0
Λύκος καὶ ἐρωδιός76Ancient GreekΑἴσωποςGreece_
Λύκος καὶ ἐρωδιός76Ancient GreekΒαβρίαςGreece_
*Die wolf ende die crane76Middle Dutch_Netherlands1300
Le Loup et la Cigogne76FrenchJean de La FontaineFrance0

External Examples

Without Title 76 Netherlands 1201 Nederlandse VolksverhalenBank
Reinaerts historie (Reinaert II) vers 5831-5881 76 Netherlands 1479 Nederlandse VolksverhalenBank

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